What is AlpCoin?

AlpCoin is your secure crypto currency.


Real traceability of funds due to digital ID which are attached to all users‘ coins directy in the blockchain.


We guarantee instant settlement of transactions by deploying one of the fastest technologies.

Easy To Use

You can easily buy, hold, sell and spend Alpcoins, directly on our website and shop system.


We adhere to global & Swiss KYC & AML requirements and standards. Our compliance is regulated via A-Coin Technologies by VQF, a Swiss Self Regulatory Organization (SRO).


Due to the traceability and our own encryption technology, Alpcoin is one of the most secure coins in the market.


You can spend your Alpcoins directly in our megastore, where you have access to thousands of articles and merchants.


AlpCoin is a decentralized blockchain based cryptocurrency that combines all the features of Bitcoin, but introduces client ID’s into its blockchain, thereby making it theft free, traceable, KYC and AML conform.

Swiss A-Coin Trading – UAE, the AlpCoin company has dedicated resources that are working hard to deliver additional value to the AlpCoin community in the future and promises a number of important new features as time goes on.

AlpCoin has the following utility amongst others:

  • Store of value on the AlpCoin blockchain
  • Payment medium, accepted for payment of goods and services
  • Can be exchanged against other cryptocurrencies e.g. Bitcoin, Ether (more being added in the future)
  • Accepted as settlement of transactions fees on go4cryptos exchange
  • 50% reduction in the transaction fees for holders of AlpCoins on go4cryptos exchange
  • Accepted as payment for usage of the AlpCoin infrastructure by partners

AlpCoin People

A team of competent and experienced bankers and technology experts.

Management Team

Patrick Ruegsegger
(Founder & CEO)

Patrick brings more than 20 years of experience in technology and project management from global Swiss Banks to AlpCoin. He is a strategic thinker and a FinTech architect & expert.

André Kunz
(Co-Founder, Sales & Distribution)

André Kunz is CMO and co-founder of go4asset.com. André ran a family office for over 10 years, and seats on the board of multiple Swiss companies. He drive products development and innovation at AlpCoin.

Eve Martini
(Strategy & Operations)

Eve Martini is CEO of WorldWideLinks, a Swiss consulting company. She brings over 30 years of experience in international consultancy, trade and operations to AlpCoin.


Henry Erimodafe

Henry brings 20 years of experience in the banking and technology sector. Henry was Head of Innovation at a major Swiss Bank and later was country lead of a major Swiss Bank in Africa. Henry is a strategic thinker and FinTech expert.

Francesco Polzella

Francesco is a passionate IT consultant in high performance computing at Zerodivision, an Italian software development company. He is an expert in computer vision and video analytics for platforms using GPU. His main interest is cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.

Cristiano Carlesi

Cristiano has been a financial advisor since 1995 and is currently president of Prometheus Advice spa. He has been involved with blockchain and crypto assets since 2010 and runs a blockchain company called ‘Provision’.

Technology & Engineering

Jescali Arnold (SW Architecture)

Kai-Julian Feldhues (SW Development)

Jescali is a technology company that specializes on bespoke applications and protocol layers for Blockchain solutions. For the blockchain technology Jescali uses Neo4j, the fastest graphical databases solution available today.



Q1 2018

New AlpCoin Blockexplorer

Major Sponsorship deal


Q2 2018

AlpCoin Mobile App

List on external exchanges

New AlpCoin Megashop

API External Shops

API External Shops


Q1 – Q4 2018

New Product Partners

New Crypto Pairs

Q3 – Q4 2018

Release open source platform for new projects


AlpCoin has partnered with the following organizations to deliver world class solutions and services to its clients. Our partners are passionate about what we do and support our vision with drive.