• Frequently Asked Questions

1)            ALPCOIN

What is AlpCoin?

AlpCoin is a digital currency that enables secure and low cost payments without the need for a central issuer or processor. AlpCoins are stored and sent electronically from the user’s vault or wallet.

How can I buy AlpCoins?

First of all you need to deposit some cash from your bank to your AlpCoin account, then you can make orders to buy AlpCoins through your account. Once your order is filled, you will get the corresponding AlpCoins in your account.

How can I sell AlpCoins?
You first need to send your AlpCoins from your vault or wallet to your go4crypto.com account.You can access your vault via the Alpcoin website (under the tab “Blockchain” click on “Login Blockchain”) and pay AlpCoins into your go4crypto.com account. To do so please click on “Pay” on the left side menu in your alpcoin.org account and insert the amount and your go4crypto.com generated address.

Once your AlpCoins are in your go4crypto.com account you can trade them for Bitcoin, Ether or fiat currency. Price is entirely driven by market forces of demand and supply.

How can I send AlpCoins to my go4crypto account?
Login to your alpcoin.org account and access the blockchain (under the tab “Blockchain” click on “Login Blockchain”) and pay AlpCoins into your go4crypto.com account. To do so please click on “Pay” on the left side menu in your alpcoin.org account and insert the amount and your go4crypto.com generated address.

How do I hold AlpCoins?

AlpCoins can be stored in your AlpCoin vault on alpcoin.org. This represents the safest option and you do not need to download any third party wallet. If you prefer to store them offline, you can download your coins to any Bitcoin compatible wallet. A third option is to store them in your go4crypto.com account.

What currencies is AlpCoin traded with?

You can buy AlpCoins with EUR, USD and CHF and trade them against Bitcoin and Ether through your go4crypto.com account.

What is the price of AlpCoin?

AlpCoin’s price is derived from the supply and demand of the coin. The current price can be viewed in the go4cryptos or AlpCoin website.

Advantages of AlpCoin

  • It’s safe: Real traceability of funds due to the attached ID.
  • It’s secure: Due to the traceability and our own encryption technology, AlpCoin is one of the most secure coins in the market.
  • It’s fast: Instant settlement with one of the fastest coins.
  • It’s easy to use: you can easily buy, hold, sell and shop with AlpCoins.
  • It’s legal: We are regulated by VQF SRO.
  • We have our own shop system: Our shop system accepts AlpCoin as a payment medium for goods and services on our shop platform. This gives AlpCoin utility beyond being a speculative asset to one that actually has an exchange value. AlpCoins will also be used on various platforms as a payment medium, once we have deployed our API’s to various other e-commerce platforms.

How is the identification of investors done?

Alpcoin.org adheres fully to the Swiss regulations and law. As a first step we have to establish your identity. To open an account and get started, we need to receive information and supporting documents to meet our KYC and AML requirements.

How can AlpCoin be theft free?

Due to the traceability of AlpCoins in our blockchain, AlpCoins can’t be stolen (Only true if your AlpCoins are stored in the vault on AlpCoin.org or on the go4cryptos platform). In case a theft would happen, we could always retrieve the coins from the blockchain.

What happens if I lose my AlpCoins?

You cannot lose your AlpCoins, as the coins have your digital ID attached. In case you lose your account details, we will provide you with a new login after confirming your identity.

What are the fees to buy and sell AlpCoins?

Fees are kept low and fixed. Please visit the Fees and Pair info page on go4cryptosfor more details.

Is AlpCoin regulated?

AlpCoin is regulated for KYC & AML compliance by Swiss VQF SRO.

How are AlpCoin treated tax-wise?

The tax treatment of crypto assets is different depending on your country. Kindly inform yourself on valid regulations in your domicile country. In case AlpCoin is taxed in your domicile, we offer you a digital tax report in your user account.

2)            MEGASTORE

With which currencies can I pay for the goods?

Goods can be paid for using all currencies stated on the shop site, including payment using Alpcoins.

Who is selling the goods?

The Alpcoin megastore works with various merchants who offer their products to client in the Megastore.

Who is responsible for delivering the goods to me?

The Merchant of the product in question, would ship same from their warehouses to all clients who ordered via the Megastore.

Are the purchases subject to VAT?

VAT are only charged on purchases in certain countries. Please refer to the product info in order to see if your order attracts a VAT or not.

What shall I do if I don’t receive the goods?

Contact our customer service representatives, if you have not received your products after the indicated delivery date has elapsed.

 3)            EXCHANGE

What is go4cryptos?
It is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can trade Alpcoins, against Ether, and Bitcoin.

What makes go4cryptos different than other cryptocurrency exchanges?
go4cryptos is the first exchange that requires full client identification and adheres to Swiss KYC & AML rules. go4cryptos focuses on fairness, customer support and security. We are also one of the cheapest exchanges, when it comes to our transaction fees.

How to start?
The setup takes only a few simple steps. Click on signup to open an account, complete the form and activate your account. After the verification process is completed successfully, you can start operating your account and start trading.

How does the verification process work?
go4cryptos adheres fully to the Swiss regulations and law. As a first step, we therefore ask who you are and where you live. To open an account and get started, we need to receive your full information and supporting documents.

What information must I provide to trade?
To verify an account and start trading, we require your full name, date of birth, address and phone number. Additionally, the following information is needed: government issued ID, proof of residence, and a Form A.

Why do I have to provide my personal information to trade?
go4cryptos.com intends to be a clear, fair and loyal cryptocurrency exchange so we do our best to meet KYC and AML regulations for trading of digital assets.

What currencies can I deposit and withdraw?
You can deposit and withdraw Euros, US Dollars and Swiss Francs, Alpcoin, Bitcoin and Ether.

What are the options to deposit cash on go4cryptos.com and what are the fees?
You can deposit CHF, EUR and USD in order to purchase AlpCoin, Bitcoin or Ether. In case of cash deposits the usual bank charges will be applied, without extra fees.

Can I trade digital currencies other than Alpcoin?
Yes. Currently you can trade Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).

What can I do to make my go4cryptos account more secure?
go4cryptos offers the most advanced tools in the industry for securing your account. You can however improve security by choosing a strong and safe password and ensure no one has access to it.